IGS has an interdisciplinary core faculty from political science, sociology, public policy, law, economics, history, ethnic studies, African American Studies, public health, social welfare, geography, city and regional planning, education, and environmental science, policy and management. Our faculty members lead seminars, organize conferences, and implement their research with the support of the Institute.

Erin M. Kerrison

Assistant Professor
Berkeley School of Social Welfare

Assistant Professor Erin M. Kerrison's work extends from a legal epidemiological framework, wherein law and legal institutions operate as social determinants of health. Specifically, through varied agency partnerships, her mixed-method research agenda investigates the impact that compounded structural disadvantage, concentrated poverty and state supervision has on service delivery, substance abuse, violence and other health outcomes...

Christopher Kutz

C.William Maxeiner Distinguished Professor of Law
UC Berkeley

Michel Laguerre

Professor of African American Studies and Director
Berkeley Center for Globalization and Information Technology
Research Interests:
contemporary social theory, information technology, Transnational diaspora politics, globalization, and global metropolitan studies

Todd LaPorte

Professor Emeritus, Professor of the Graduate School
Department of Political Science
UC Berkeley
Research Interests:
Technology Policy, Organization Theory, Public Administration

Taeku Lee

Professor of Political Science and Law
Department of Political Science
UC Berkeley
Research Interests:
Racial Politics, Public Opinion, Political Behavior, Social Movements, Asian American Politics

Taeku Lee is Professor of Political Science and Law at the University of California, Berkeley. Lee is also Associate Director of the Haas Institute at Berkeley, Managing Director of Asian American Decisions, and Co-Principal Investigator of the National Asian American Survey. Lee is currently Treasurer and on the Executive Council for the American Political Science Association...

Gabriel Lenz

Associate Professor
Department of Political Science
UC Berkeley
Research Interests:
Elections, Public Opinion, Political Psychology, Political Economy

Amy E. Lerman

Associate Professor of Public Policy and Political Science
Goldman School of Public Policy, UC Berkeley

Professor Lerman is a political scientist who writes widely on issues related to political engagement, public opinion, and public policy. Her recent work examines the ways that growing economic inequality, persistent racial bias, and the rise of the carceral state influence citizens’ political beliefs, racial identities, and rates of political participation. She is particularly interested...

Jovan Lewis

Assistant Professor of Human Geography
UC Berkeley

Elizabeth Linos

Assistant Professor of Public Policy
Goldman School of Public Policy, UC Berkeley
Faculty Director
The People Lab

Elizabeth Linos is a behavioral scientist and public management scholar. The majority of her research focuses on how to improve government by focusing on its people. Specifically, her studies consider how we can improve diversity in recruitment and selection, how to reduce burnout at work, and how different work environments affect performance and motivation in...