Dawn Geddes

Administrative Manager
Institute of Governmental Studies

Paul King

Circulation Supervisor / PPIC Coordinator
IGS Library

Jaclyn Leaver

Director of Research, EGAP

Jaclyn is the Director of Research at EGAP, where she manages the "Metaketa Initiative," a grantmaking model for coordinated clusters of studies that identify critical areas in governance and politics where generalizable knowledge can have a large impact. Prior to this role, she was the Managing Director of the Center on the Politics...

Ingrid Lee

Managing Director, EGAP

Ingrid Lee is Managing Director, overseeing strategic planning and implementation for EGAP. She has managed a variety of global development projects addressing health, environment, and gender equality issues at the UN Development Programme, as well as public private partnership evaluation projects for the World Bank. Most recently, she managed public private partnerships with journalism outlets...

Julie Lefevre

Library Director and Digital Services Librarian
IGS Library

Matthew Lisiecki

Senior Methods Manager, EGAP

Matt is the Senior Methods Manager at EGAP, where he oversees organizational programming related to standards and methods, including the research design registry, methods guides, standards debates, and policy dissemination materials. He also coordinates EGAP's Principal Investigator workshops in the Global South, and supports the day-to-day running of the organization. Prior to joining EGAP, Matt...

Sonia Moctezuma

Program Assistant
Institute of Governmental Studies

Sonia is the Program Assistant at the Institute of Governmental Studies. Her duties include advising and promoting programs to students, including the Synar, Polsby and Gardner awards, the IGS Democracy Camp, the Howard Prize in American Politics Research, and the Muir Award in Leadership. She also helps in planning public education events sponsored by the Matsui Center...

Max Neiman

Senior Research Fellow

Dr. Max Neiman is Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Governmental Studies of the University of California, Berkeley. He is also Professor of Political Science, Emeritus, University of California, Riverside, and Senior Fellow at the Public Policy Institute of California.

Tara Slough

Predoctoral Fellow, EGAP

Tara Slough is EGAP’s Predoctoral Fellow at UC Berkeley. She is currently a PhD candidate at Columbia University. Her research focuses on the political economy of institutions and development and political methodology. She is currently completing a dissertation on the distributive politics of bureaucracy with a focus on low- and middle-income democracies. Tara is a...

Nicole E. Willcoxon

Postdoctoral Scholar
Center on Democracy and Organizing, IGS
Nicole E. Willcoxon (Ph.D., UC Berkeley) is a postdoctoral scholar at the Center on Democracy and Organizing at the Institute of Governmental Studies. She is a political scientist and public opinion researcher with significant applied experience. Her current research interests include voting rights, democratic and legal institutions, race and ethnicity in US politics, media, elections,...