2020 Percy Synar Award Ceremony

Percy Synar Awards Flyer
Friday, March 6, 2020
2:00pm to 4:00pm
109 Moses Hall - IGS Library
UC Berkeley

Event Contact: Sonia Moctezuma, soniamoctezuma [at] berkeley.edu

Join us as we congratulate the 2020 recipients of the Charles H. Percy Undergraduate Grant for Public Affairs Research and the Mike Synar Graduate Research Fellowship. Student awardees will offer brief presentations of their research projects and refreshments will be served.

The 2020 Synar Graduate Research Fellowship awardees are:

  • Isabel García Valdivia (Sociology), The Effects of Legal Status on Older Mexican Immigrants in the U.S. and Mexico
  • Charlotte Hill (Public Policy), Block the Vote: Low Youth Turnout and the Costs of Voting
  • Alexander Sahn (Political Science), Land Use and Local Government in the United States

The 2020 Percy Undergraduate Grant awardees are:

  • Corinne Biencourt (Political Science), Understanding the Modern Secession: The State of Jefferson
  • Meanna Gray (Political Science), Black Evangelicals and the Democratic Party: Intersectionality and the Myth of the Monolithic Black Vote
  • Lily Green (Political Science), Social Media and Democracy
  • Jacob Levy (Political Science), In-Group Solidarity or Out-Group Resentment?: Measuring the Foundations of White Punitiveness
  • Varsha Sarveshwar (Political Science), Leaders or Caretakers: Examining the Impacts of Ideological Diversity on California’s Legislative Leaders

The Percy Grants and Synar Fellowships were made possible by a generous donation by William Brandt and Patrice Bugelas-Brandt. These fellowships were created to honor Congressman Mike Synar of Oklahoma, who was Bill’s mentor when he first became active in politics and public policy, and Senator Charles H. Percy of Illinois for whom Patrice worked as a press secretary.