2021 Municipal Law Institute Symposium

Friday, March 5, 2021
9:00am to 5:00pm
Live on Zoom
Registration Link:

An all-day, fully-online, no-charge pandemic edition of the Municipal Law Institute Symposium, presented by the usual suspects: the League of California Cities, the California Constitution Center, the Institute of Governmental Studies, and the Bar Association of San Francisco.


Hear from academics and practitioners on lessons learned from this unprecedented year for municipal practitioners, on fiscal impacts, social unrest, policing, housing, and race and equity.

POLICING: A 360 degree perspective on the challenges of policing in 2020 and beyond, including calls for racial justice, addressing systemic racism, best practices for the municipal practitioner advising a police agency, and police reform bills in the future.

HOUSING & LAND USE EQUITY: Analyzing California’s legislative responses to the housing supply and affordability crisis, in the context of both a pandemic and a growing call for racial justice in housing and land-use policies. 

FISCAL ISSUES: Buck Delventhal's vision for local finance and how it applies to today's challenges, including the evolving landscape on citizen tax initiatives.

SOCIAL UNREST: A discussion of First Amendment, civil rights, and related issues arising from the implementation and enforcement of protest and demonstration measures in times of social unrest.

Speakers and program schedule will post later in February!