A Guided Tour to Possible IT-facilitated Future Scenarios with Global Reach...

Thursday, March 15, 2012
12:00pm to 1:30pm
119 Moses Hall (Harris Room)
Berkeley CA 94720

[Full title of this talk: "A Guided Tour to Possible IT-facilitated Future Scenarios with Global Reach; From Personalized Healthcare to 3D Virtual Worlds Where Social Networks Thrive"]

In this R-rated talk (where "R" stands for "Research" ...) we will visualize future IT-facilitated scenarios in the new worlds created after the "Bit Bang." Examples of these new worlds which continue to invade and modify our lives--hopefully for the better--will be given; personalized genetically adapted medicine, sensors everywhere helping transportation, food supply, early warning of natural disasters, biosensors, etc. Digital wireframes are increasingly replacing actors in movies (when Indiana Jones falls in a cavern full of snakes, the only risk to Harrison Ford is .... a computer crash). What else can we do with digital personas? Will an ITeacher be imbedded in a tablet computer ready to appear with a light rubbing?

To which extent will the "robotlution" help the very poor nations? Building habitat? How can social networks and crowdsourcing help our quality of life? Will the wealth of countries shift from West to East and from North to South? Is knowledge the new currency? These and many other questions will NOT be answered in this presentation, although some IT-based ideas will be shown.

Weather permitting, this presentation will be made from an island in the 3D digital virtual world, Second Life, by my not-so-obedient avatar Jampa Babeli.