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California Votes: A Postmortem on the 2014 Election January 30, 2015
California Votes: The Effort to Recall Governor Gavin Newsom September 10, 2021
California: Are We Back? April 26, 2013
California’s Next Governor: Challenges and Opportunities October 20, 2014
California’s Top Two Primary: Will It Make a Difference? April 25, 2014
Can Canada claim climate leadership? Can the Paris Accord succeed in avoiding the worst of the climate crisis? April 13, 2018
Can Open Data Improve Democratic Governance? September 12, 2013
Canadian Election Night Party October 19, 2015
Canadianizing the United States? Public Opinion across the 49th Parallel May 9, 2014
Centenary of the Tulsa Race Massacre May 7, 2021
Center for Social Ontology Grand Opening September 9, 2016
Challenging Urban Borders: The Geopolitics of Immigration & Segregation April 2, 2013
Checking the Box(es): Race, Latinx and the U.S. Census October 1, 2020
Checkup for Obamacare: Implementation and Prognosis October 8, 2014
Chief: The Quest for Justice in California November 12, 2013
China: Against the Logic of Strategy October 10, 2013
Collision 2012: Obama vs. Romney and the Future of Elections in America October 7, 2013
Conference on the Supreme Court of California January 13, 2017
Conference on the Supreme Court of California October 4, 2013
Congressman George Miller: Is the American Dream Still Alive? Congress, Labor & Income Inequality October 19, 2015
CRG Thursday Forum Series: Undocumented Students and Campus Climate at UC Berkeley October 8, 2020
Data, Targeting and New Technologies in Election 2016 September 19, 2016
Debate Watch Party October 15, 2019
Department of State and USAID Recruitment Webinar January 28, 2021
Dreamers and the Future of DACA September 10, 2020