Title Date
Wendy Davis: From Filibuster Fame to the Race for Governor - Her "Fight for All" in the State of Texas March 4, 2015
Percy-Synar Awards Ceremony February 27, 2015
Gardner Fellowship Information Session February 4, 2015
California Votes: A Postmortem on the 2014 Election January 30, 2015
International Order in a Second Nuclear Age January 29, 2015
Who Bleeds, Who Pays? The All-Volunteer Force and its Role in Twenty-first Century Defense Policy November 12, 2014
Election Night Watch Party November 4, 2014
2014 Election-Eve Update: Field Poll Director Mark DiCamillo November 3, 2014
California’s Next Governor: Challenges and Opportunities October 20, 2014
The Future of the Senate: Predicting Election-Day Outcomes October 17, 2014
National Security Challenges in the "Global Commons" of Space, Cyber and Nuclear Deterrence October 16, 2014
Checkup for Obamacare: Implementation and Prognosis October 8, 2014
From Hugh McElroy LaRue to John A. Pérez: the Difficult Path to a Supermajority October 6, 2014
The Oakland Mayor's Race: Making Sense of Instant Runoff Voting October 2, 2014
The Scottish Independence Referendum and the Future of the Multiethnic Nation State September 26, 2014
The Uses Of History In Grand Strategy And Statecraft: Insights From Five Historical Strategists In The Anglo-American Traditions September 25, 2014
Blueberry Soup: Participatory Democracy, Social Media, and Constitutionalism September 17, 2014
Rick Perlstein Book Talk: The Invisible Bridge: The Fall of Nixon and the Rise of Reagan September 10, 2014
June 25, 2014 to June 26, 2014
Canadianizing the United States? Public Opinion across the 49th Parallel May 9, 2014
2014 IGS Salon Gala: Insight Washington May 6, 2014
17th Annual Travers Conference on Ethics and Accountability in Higher Education May 1, 2014
Why Nations Succeed: A Canadian Perspective on Learning & Innovation April 30, 2014
California’s Top Two Primary: Will It Make a Difference? April 25, 2014
Book Talk: Peter Schuck April 21, 2014