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Obama in the World: The President and Foreign Policy April 7, 2014
Obama Unleashed? Or Obama Rejected? : The President in his Second Term April 27, 2015
One Nation After Trump: A Guide for the Perplexed, the Disillusioned, the Desperate, and the Not-Yet Deported October 24, 2017
Pandemic Election: From Crowds to Clouds October 19, 2020
Partisan Gerrymandering and the Supreme Court: The Role of Social Science October 16, 2017
Partisan Identity, Political Emotions, Political Participation March 15, 2013
Pension Reform In Public Higher Education October 12, 2015
Percy-Synar Awards Ceremony February 23, 2018
Percy-Synar Awards Ceremony February 19, 2016
Percy-Synar Awards Ceremony February 28, 2014
Percy-Synar Awards Ceremony February 27, 2015
Politics and Economics in Cuba Today April 3, 2019
Post Mortem: Should The Recall be Recalled Or Reformed? September 24, 2021
POSTPONED: Beyond Cynicism: Race, Immigration, and Latinx Trust in Government April 28, 2020
POSTPONED: The Tarnishing of the Golden State: How Poorly Designed Policies Killed the California Dream April 1, 2020
President Biden's First 100 Days: An Assessment April 22, 2021
Prospects for Peace: An Assessment by Ambassador Dennis Ross, former White House Special Middle East Envoy November 14, 2013
Punching and Punching Back in Cyberspace September 29, 2016
June 25, 2014 to June 26, 2014
Rebuilding Democratic Norms and Institutions in the Post Impeachment Era February 11, 2020
Reforming California's Politics: Where Do We Go From Here? September 30, 2013
Reforming the European Economy, Reconstituting the EMU October 29, 2013
Reimagining Democracy Town Hall: The 2020 Election and the Politics of Racial Justice October 21, 2020
Religion and the State in Today's Britain September 19, 2013
Responding to Iran's Nuclear Ambitions: Diplomacy, Sanctions, and Other Alternatives April 9, 2014