POSTPONED: Mobilizing Young Voters in 2020 and Beyond

Monday, April 20, 2020
4:00pm to 5:30pm
IGS Library, 109 Moses Hall
UC Berkeley

Event Contact: Kelly Jones, kejones [at]

Young Americans turn out to vote at a much lower rate than their older counterparts, and their low turnout may have big consequences for public policy. Millennials and Gen Z are the most diverse generations in American history, and they also have different policy priorities and preferences than their older counterparts—yet elected officials tend to pay less attention to the concerns of those who don't vote. What, then, are the reasons for the lower voting rates of young Americans? What strategies can be used to increase their political participation? This panel brings together scholars and practitioners to discuss the most effective strategies for mobilizing young voters, and considers the ways in which increased mobilization of the highly diverse younger generation can reshape American politics.

This event is co-sponsored by IGS, the Matsui Center for Politics and Public Policy, and the Berkeley Institute for Young Americans at GSPP.