The Fight for Filipinx Studies: The Founding of the Bulosan Center

Thursday, February 17, 2022
12:00pm to 1:30pm
Zoom Webinar
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Event Organizer: Professor Christian Paiz (christian.paiz [at]

This talk shares Dr. Rodriguez's journey in founding the Bulosan Center. She discusses the broader challenges Filipinx scholars face including being actively dissuaded by mentors from taking on topics in Filipinx Studies, the lack of funding, the denial of tenure, and more. She then narrates how she drew less on her own academic achievements and more on her insights as an activist and community organizer to launch the Bulosan Center, which now hosts a digital archive, a peer-reviewed journal, a major source of survey data, and a book series. The Center is playing a vital role in supporting the expansion of the field of FIlipinx Studies from a community-engaged approach.

This event is virtual and is open to all members of the community. Zoom webinar registration is required. (You must have a Zoom account in order to attend.)

The Race, Ethnicity and Immigration Colloquium invites speakers from the Berkeley campus and other institutions to report on research touching on various aspects of race, ethnicity, and immigration. One important theme explored by the colloquium is the changing shape of ethnic politics in the country. A second, closely related theme is the impact of immigration on the nation and on California's political and economic life. Recent censuses show important changes in the country's ethnic make-up: large increases in the Latino population, the emergence of a group of residents who prefer to identify themselves as bi-racial, and changing patterns of naturalization among the various immigrant groups. These changes have altered the meaning of the civil rights revolution and have important implications for public opinion, electoral outcomes and government policy.