2018 Percy Grant Awards and Synar Fellows Named

2018 Percy Synar winners with the Brandts and Terri Bimes
March 16, 2018

Join us in congratulating the 2018 recipients of the Charles H. Percy Undergraduate Grant for Public Affairs Research and the Mike Synar Graduate Research Fellowship. A ceremony to honor the recipients and their faculty advisers was held in the Harris Room on February 23.

The Synar Graduate Research Fellowship awardees were:

  • Matty Lichenstein (Sociology), Institutionalizing Personhood: Child Welfare Agencies and the Regulation of Perinatal Care
  • Neil A. O’Brian (Political Science), Mass Opinion and Party Coalition Formation: The Creation of Abortion's Partisan Divide
  • Jessica Schirmer (Sociology), The Co-Evolution of Federal Policy, Housing Finance, and the Real Estate Industry

The Percy Undergraduate Grant awardees were:

  • Angelo Dagonel (Political Science), State of Attraction: E-Verify and Unauthorized Labor Force Participation
  • Marina Edwards (Sociology), Black Student Athletes’ Political Opinions on Colin Kaepernick's Silent Protest
  • Mazelle Etessami (Political Science), STAND UP FOR *THEIR* RIGHTS: An Exploration of the Motivations and Mechanisms Behind Non-identity Activism
  • Aliya Claire Oco Francisco (Sociology), Trumpism vs. Conservatism: How the GOP Divide is Affecting the College Conservative Movement

Special guests of honor were William A. Brandt, Jr., Patrice Bugelas-Brandt, and Peter Benvenutti. The Percy Grants and Synar Fellowships were made possible by a generous donation by the Brandts. They created these fellowships to honor Congressman Mike Synar of Oklahoma who was Bill’s mentor when he first became active in politics and public policy, and Senator Charles Percy of Illinois for whom Patrice worked as a press secretary. Bill Brandt is the current Chair of the IGS National Advisory Board, and Peter Benvenutti is a current member of the Board.