Award Winning Research by IGS Student Scholars

books and notepad with pen
September 8, 2016

Three new award-winning papers have been posted on the IGS escholarship site. The authors of the papers were awarded the prestigious Charles H. Percy Grant for Public Affairs Research in 2016. Along with the recognition for their excellent research, recipients received a $500 grant to help defray their research expenses. All three papers are fascinating reads! The recently uploaded papers are:

Choi, Gyu H: The Supreme Court, Public Opinion, and the Affordable Care Act: The Stability of Partisan Cleavage over Health Care, 2016

Holub, Tom: Remembering the Alamo: Demographic Change and Texas Politics, 2016

Malhotra, Urvashi: The Great Shift: Analyzing the Effect of Public Safety Realignment on Crime in California Between 2009-2013, 2016