Congratulations IGS Grads!

John Brooks, Greg Elinson, Stephen Goggin and Doug Ahler in graduation regalia
June 27, 2016

IGS is proud to recognize the tremendous accomplishments and hard work of our recent graduates.

Doug Ahler will be a post-doctoral fellow at Vanderbilt University’s Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions for the coming year. In fall 2017, he will start work as assistant professor of political science at Florida State University.  A specialist in American politics and political behavior, Doug’s dissertation was entitled: “Political Perception in the Polarized Era.”  Doug’s recent publications include: “Do Open Primaries Improve Representation: An Experimental Test of California’s 2012 Top-Two Primary” (with Jack Citrin and Gabe Lenz) in Legislative Studies Quarterly. Another article, “Face Value: Experimental Evidence that Candidate Appearance Influences Electoral Choice” (with Jack Citrin, Michael Dougal, and Gabe Lenz) has been accepted and is forthcoming in Political Behavior.  This fall Doug is starting a new project on how citizens understand “partisan misbehavior” in polarized Washington (e.g., the failure to move forward with judicial confirmation hearings, government shutdowns, etc.), and how (if at all) the public holds elected officials accountable for these outcomes.  He will be presenting his preliminary findings at a conference at Dartmouth in July.

John Brooks has accepted a position as a Post-Doctoral Research Associate at Duke University's Social Science Research Institute, where he will be working on their Human Capital project.  Specializing in American politics, public policy and behavior, John’s dissertation was entitled “The Commitment Credibility of Public-Employee Pensions.” He recently published the article "Mediating the Electoral Connection: The Information Effects of Voter Signals on Legislative Behavior" (with John Henderson) in the Journal of Politics. He will be presenting on the “Policy Effects of Unlimited Spending in State Referenda,” with Leferis Anastasopoulos, at the 2016 American Political Science Association annual conference, in Philadelphia. 

Gregory Elinson will receive a J.D. from Stanford Law this month, in addition to his PhD from Cal!  Post-graduation, he will serve as a Law Clerk at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit & U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois.  Specializing in American political development, Law and Courts, Greg’s dissertation was entitled: “Shifting Coalitions: Business Power, Partisan Politics, and the Rise of the Regulatory State.”

Stephen Goggin will be lecturing in political science at San Diego State University starting this fall.  A specialist in political behavior, American politics and methodology, his dissertation was entitled “Personal politicians: Biography and its role in the minds of voters.” His most recent publication, “Presidential Confidence in Crisis: Blame, Media, and the BP Oil Spill” (with Travis M. Johnston) was published in Presidential Studies Quarterly.  We look forward to his other publications, which are “in the works.” 

Janna Rezaee has accepted a position as assistant professor of governance, management and the policy process at the USC Price School of Public Policy.  A specialist in American politics, Janna’s dissertation was entitled “Essays on Presidential and Congressional Oversight of the Executive Branch.” She has three forthcoming projects, including: "Presidents' Pursuit of Policy in the Executive Branch," "Lobbying and Presidential Regulatory Review", and "Legislative Oversight and Bureaucratic Agency Problems" (with Abby Wood and Sean Gailmard).

Ryan Hubert, a specialist in American politics, methodology and formal theory and models and politics,and Laurel Eckhouse, a specialist in American politics and methodology and formal theory, also earned their PhDs this year. We look forward to following their successes and scholarship for years to come!

Photo of IGS grads John Brooks, Greg Elinson, Stephen Goggin and Doug Ahler courtesy of Doug Ahler.