Election season wraps up at IGS

Crowds in Sproul Plaza for 2012 election returns
Crowds in Sproul Plaza on election night 2012
November 7, 2012

Election Season at the IGS Matsui Center wrapped up with hundreds of students gathered on Sproul Plaza to watch the returns Tuesday night.

Teaming up with student organizations, the Matsui Center cosponsored the campus-wide viewing party, which included free popcorn and cotton candy along with a huge Jumbotron showing election coverage. The crowd filled the square, cheering wildly when KTVU news did a live shot from the scene.

"IGS and the Matsui Center want to reach out to Cal students and involve them in public issues, and this was a perfect opportunity to do just that," said Matsui Center Director Ethan Rarick.

Meanwhile graduate students and faculty members gathered in the IGS Library to watch the returns.

Both Election Night parties culminated a busy season of election-related events at IGS and the Matsui Center. Hundreds of people attended debate-watching parties sponsored by the Center, and there were also panel discussions and speakers on both national and statewide issues.

The IGS Library produced the content for California Choices, a major website offering voters nonpartisan information on the ballot measures that went before voters.

"Election season is always a chance for IGS to engage the campus," said the Institute’s Director, Professor Jack Citrin. "This fall the Institute served as a producer of nonpartisan analysis online, a source for expert discussion and evaluation, and a place to gather and watch major campaign events. We’re glad to have played that role in such an important process." 

Photos: Kevin Hahn / Daily Cal