IGS Book Wins California Book Award

book cover of Chief
book cover of Chief
May 7, 2014

Chief: The Quest for Justice in California, the oral history of former California Supreme Court Chief Justice Ronald M. George, which was published by IGS, won the 2013 California Book Award for Californiana, the Commonwealth Club announced Tuesday.

The book chronicles George’s long legal career in California, including his days as a prosecutor, a trial and appellate judge, and his long tenure heading up the state’s judicial branch.

Based on many hours of oral history interviews with researcher Laura McCreery, the book presents George’s striking legal career in his own words, detailing everything from criminal cases to political skirmishes George encountered as head of the judiciary.

The California Book Awards, which are awarded by the Commonwealth Club, recognize “the state’s best writers and illuminate the wealth and diversity of California-based literature.” They have been awarded since 1931, for both fiction and nonfiction, and have been received by writers including John Steinbeck, Upton Sinclair, Wallace Stegner, and Adam Hochschild.

Chief was published by the Berkeley Public Policy Press, the publishing imprint of IGS, and is available for sale on Amazon.com.