IGS Poll Examines Public Opinion on Immigration

Immigration reform rally
Immigration reform rally
August 14, 2013

Research lies at the heart of the IGS mission – and this year the IGS Poll continued to serve as a valuable tool for learning more about public opinion in America’s largest and most dynamic state.

In both the fall and spring semesters, the Institute polled on one of the most important long-term issues facing the state and nation – immigration. The fall polls also dealt with political races that were about to go before voters.

The most recent IGS Poll was released in June, and examined views about various aspects of immigration reform. That was also the Institute’s first poll to be conducted over the Internet, which many survey experts see as the wave of the future.

The poll was conducted by IGS Director Jack Citrin, Assistant Professor of Political Science Gabriel Lenz, and graduate student Morris Levy. To read more about the results, see the research brief.

The fall semester polls, which were conducted in conjunction with the Field Poll, explored public opinion regarding immigration issues, but also examined the 2012 presidential race, the re-election campaign of Sen. Dianne Feinstein, and propositions dealing with California taxes, the state budget, the death penalty, and the ability of labor unions to spend money on political causes.