IGS Polls Voters on November Ballot Measures

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August 16, 2016

The IGS Poll is a research tool to measure public opinion about major California issues, providing a snapshot of voter opinion and producing data for further academic analysis.

The Institute conducted a new poll of California registered voters from June 29 to July 18, measuring voter opinion on critical ballot measures that will go before voters this November. The survey, conducted using online questionnaires in English, included 3,044 respondents across the state.

For full poll results, please see: The IGS Survey: California Politics and Policy, IGS Research Brief, August 2016

For poll results on specific questions and for additional technical details, please see the links below.

Release Date August 16, 2016: IGS Poll Finds Support for Extending Taxes on Wealthy, Increasing Cigarette Tax

Release Date August 17, 2016: IGS Poll Finds Support for Gun Control, Marijuana Legalization

Release Date August 18, 2016: IGS Poll Finds Support for Retaining Death Penalty