IGS Survey: Californians Support Path to Citizenship, Say New Citizens Should Work and Speak English

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June 12, 2013

Most California registered voters support a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants, but a majority also says it is “extremely important” that the prospective new citizens have a history of holding a steady job and be able to speak English, according to a new Institute of Governmental Studies survey. For more information, see the complete survey, "Californians and Immigration Reform Alternatives" [pdf]. See an article about the poll by IGS Director Jack Citrin and graduate student Morris Levy on the Berkeley Blog.

Erratum: Please note that a typographical error in the original Research Brief misidentified one of the polls cited in Appendix A. The poll, conducted in September of 2012, was conducted by the Public Policy Institute of California. The accompanying pdf now identifies the poll correctly. We apologize for the error.