Introducing the Urban Displacement Project Website

Karen Chapple
August 25, 2015

By Karen Chapple

The Urban Displacement Project is the product of nearly two years of community-engaged research looking at gentrification and displacement in the Bay Area, and involving dozens of local nonprofit organizations and regional agencies. Funded by the Bay Area’s Metropolitan Transportation Commission and California’s Air Resources Board, the UC-Berkeley research team is determining the effect of transit and other public investments on displacement and evaluating alternative approaches to ensure future housing affordability.

The Urban Displacement Project at UC Berkeley indicates the displacement crisis is not yet half over, as rising housing prices and pressure on low-income residents to relocate to the outer suburbs only accelerate. Our new website highlights research on gentrification and displacement in a clear and easy-to-navigate fashion. It includes an interactive map, an examination of policy tools, individual case studies and numerous resources for scholars, policy-makers and the public.

Karen Chapple is a Professor of City and Regional Planning at the University of California, Berkeley. She specializes in housing, community and economic development, as well as regional planning. Chapple is a faculty affiliate of the Institute of Governmental Studies and the Institute for Research on Labor & Employment.