New Field/IGS Poll on Election Issues

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November 15, 2016

IGS is proud to release new results of the Field/IGS Poll on measures that will go before voters in November.

The polling, which was conducted using online surveys, examines the beliefs of likely voters in California on the presidential race, the U.S. Senate race, and several pending ballot measures.
IGS and the Field Poll have a history of collaboration on public opinion surveys and other issues, and the new polling continues that relationship.
Polling results on the following issues can be found at these links:
Newsom leads in early voter preferences for Governor.
Harris maintaining comfortable lead over Sanchez in this year's U.S. Senate race.
Voters inclined to support many of this year's statewide ballot propositions.
Clinton holds twenty-point lead over Trump in California. Majorities view both candidates negatively.
Strong support for Prop. 58. Backing fades if repeal of Prop. 227 provision is mentioned.
Strong support for tax extension and criminal sentencing initiatives; cigarette tax leads, but by narrower margin.
Prop. 61, the prescription drug purchases and pricing initiative, holds big early lead, but many voters are undecided.
Two-to-one voter support for Marijuana Legalization (Prop. 64) and Gun Control (Prop. 63) initiatives.
Death penalty repeal (Prop. 62) holds narrow lead, but is receiving less than 50% support. Most voters aren't sure about Prop. 66, a competing initiative to speed implementation of death sentences.
Harris widens lead over Sanchez in California's all-Democratic Party U.S. Senate Race.
Clinton's lead in California slips as her image among voters declines.