Percy Grant recipients announced

November 26, 2012

IGS is proud to announce the fall 2012 recipients of the Charles H. Percy Grant for Public Affairs Research. 

Astrid Ackerman

Astrid Ackerman (Sociology)

"A Comparative Analysis of the Framing of Legal Membership Before and After 9/11"

Reginald James

Reginald James (Political Science and African American Studies)

"Historical Impacts of National, State, and Local Housing Policies and Practices on African American Residents of Alameda"

Raquel Pelke

Raquel Pelke (Political Science)

"Female Legislators and the 'War on Women'"

Josh White

Joshua White (Political Science)

"Do Democrats Prefer Teachers? Do Republicans Prefer Business Executives?: Analyzing the Effect of Ballot Occupation on Vote Choice in Low-Information Elections."