Theodoridis Paper on Party ID Wins ASPA Award

June 26, 2013

Alex Theodoridis (PhD '12) has been awarded the 2013 Best Paper award from the Elections, Public Opinion, and Voting Behavior section of the American Political Science Association for his paper,  "It’s My Party: Partisan Intensity through the Lens of Implicit Identity." The award is given for the best paper delivered at the previous year's APSA Annual Meeting. 

The award committee wrote that the paper "provid[es] a novel measure of implicit party identification, [and] helps us understand the microfoundations of partisan identity." 

Alex, an IGS affiliated faculty, is assistant professor in the department of political science at UC Merced. His research focuses on American electoral politics and the ways in which citizens interact with the political world. The research for "It's My Party" was funded in part by a Synar grant