I just recently left the nation’s capitol, in a whirlwind of work that left me exhausted but content. I thought I would share my concluding thoughts on D.C. I arrived in D.C. with very little in the way of expectations. But I left D.C. with a desire to return to policy making soon. One of the most...
I hit the ground running in Washington, D.C. I arrived in Washington late Sunday night, spent Monday settling in to the apartment, started class on Tuesday, and went to my first day of work on Wednesday at the White House Initiative on Asian American and Pacific Islanders. From that point on, it...
I suppose the right place to begin this blog post is Evans 10, in my first Macroeconomics lecture at Berkeley. The instructors, a husband and wife dynamic duo, were teaching us about the economic history of the United States starting from the Great Depression. This was a double irony. As Professor...