IGS Resident Scholar Thomas E. Mann and IGS affiliated faculty Susan D. Hyde give their opinions to Berkeley News about the future of the post-Trump GOP. 

February 17, 2021

IGS Resident Scholar, Thomas E. Mann, recently commented on Trump's challenge to the presidential election results for ABC News: “This really is our version of a polite coup d’etat[.]” 

November 26, 2020

IGS Poll Director Mark DiCamillo to the Chronicle on 2020 predictions: "We did pretty well." Read the full story here.

November 24, 2020

IGS Co-Director, Cristina Mora, in an op-ed for the LA Times: "Look to the local to understand the ‘complex’ Latino vote."

November 20, 2020

IGS Co-Director, Eric Schickler, was featured recently in a new video short from the Associated Press. He commented on how "Trump could buck US tradition of conceding defeat."

November 12, 2020

IGS Co-Director, Eric Schickler spoke to Valor Econômico about where Kamala Harris fits into the Democratic Party coalition with respect to progressives and moderates, and what her election as VP likely means for the Democratic Party moving forward.

November 10, 2020