Allegra Saggese

California Assemblymember Richard Bloom

Allegra Saggese is an incoming third year studying both Environmental Economics and Policy in the College of Natural Resources and Rhetoric in the College of Letters and Science. Allegra has been an active part of the Associated Students of the University of California, the student government at Berkeley, with environmental policy and legislation. Having looked at everything from energy and transportation to indigenous land rights and environmental justice, she believes policy and law is the place where real, formidable changes happen that protect our most valuable resources. Allegra is looking forward to working in the state legislature this summer and seeing how legislators and different state agencies communicate with one another, what information is deemed important, and who produces that information. She is excited to be "behind the scenes" in policy in a state that is a leader in progressive environmental reforms.

"Working in Assemblymember Richard Bloom's (D-Santa Monica) office this summer is an exciting opportunity to work with someone who is concerned about everything from wildlife protection to implementing a light rail in California. I hope to spend a lot of time this summer learning and enjoying my experience with my other fellows in Sacramento!"


Allegra Saggese
Starting my first week off at the Capitol included: a navy blue blazer, a new pair of flats, the early train Downtown to make a good impression, and a purse filled with pens and paper. Through security and up the elevator to the sixth floor. I was about thirty minutes early and didn't want to wait...