Cyn Gomez

San Francisco District Attorney's Office
Erica Brooks
Social Welfare, Race, Law, Spanish

Cyn Gomez is a nineteen-year-old, first-generation, second year at UC Berkeley, studying Social Welfare with minors in Race and the Law & Spanish. Cyn’s pronouns are he/him and they/them and identify as nonbinary and transmasculine. Cyn is an election poll worker, Berkeley Student Cooperative House President, a student worker at UC Berkeley, ASUC Cheif Advisor on QT+ Wellness, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Director for the non-profit organization for the Tangible Movement. He will be participating in UCDC in Spring 2022 and hopes to do work on transgender rights to healthcare and legal protections while in DC while holding an internship with the University of California Federal Government Relations segment of the UC Office of the President.

Cyn enjoys reading and public speaking, is enthusiastic about advocating for the importance of mental health, human rights, and social justice. Cyn is a very social person and enjoys spending time with family, friends, and learning more about others. They hope to be a lawyer and congressperson in the future. His main goal in life is to impact lives through politics, reforming systems that have caused historic traumas, and ensuring the rights of others.