Darriya Starr

Job title: 
PPIC Research Affiliate

Darriya Starr is a research associate at the PPIC Higher Education Center, where she researches K–12 education policy. Her work focuses on the challenges and achievements of California’s education system, as well as opportunities for improving the future for Californians. Prior to joining PPIC, she was a research assistant at the Harvard University Kennedy School Malcolm Wiener Center for Social Policy, the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Foundation, the Harvard University Economics Department, and the Harvard University Institute of Politics. Her past research has focused on students’ access to higher education, charter school development, the national impacts of COVID-19, racial equity, gender equity, intergenerational socioeconomic mobility, and other aspects of socioeconomic opportunity. She holds a master’s degree in international social and public policy from the London School of Economics and Political Science and a BA in economics from Harvard University.