Jake Brymner

State and Federal Policy Director
Campaign for College Opportunity
San Francisco Supervisor Scott Wiener

Jake Brymner, senior, spent the summer in the office of San Francisco Supervisor Scott Wiener. Wiener was elected to the Board of Supervisors in 2010 to represent District 8, which covers the Castro, Eureka Valley, Upper Market, Noe Valley, Duboce Triangle, Diamond Heights, Glen Park, Corona Heights, Buena Vista, Twin Peaks, Mission-Dolores, and parts of the Inner Mission.

Read Jake’s evaluation of his internship:

"Prior to starting my internship in the Office of San Francisco Supervisor Scott Wiener, I didn’t exactly know what to expect. While it wasn’t my first internship, it was my first foray into the world of San Francisco politics and the first time I was involved in local government. Perhaps, if forced, I could have hazarded a few guesses about what my experience would be like: constituent relations, urban policy (and politics), office work, a closer view of how things worked in City Hall, and a crash course on San Francisco. However, I wouldn’t even have gotten close about how much I would learn about all these topics.

"One of the first impressions my experience left upon me was one of depth. Going from causally-observing outsider to under-the-dome ‘insider’ overnight made realize how expansive the universe of a single city could be. Having the opportunity to directly see the myriad of interests and constituencies represented at City Hall, every day, put what was previously only a theoretical understanding into practice. It was heartening to see the diversity of San Francisco embodied in its politics, and instantly brought back to mind the Federalist Papers readings from Political Science 1: Intro to American Politics.

"I also had the chance to see what I had learned from my California Politics course put into action. I was fortunate to have the chance to see a budget process up close, since right when I arrived for my first week, the Budget Committee, on which Supervisor Wiener sat, began finalizing its recommendations. My proximity to the process let me gain an understanding for the constraints on legislators, at all levels, during budget season, and a window into how budgets are made possible politically. I also had my first endeavor in the field of ballot measures when I helped guide several ballot guide arguments through their (often times arcane) submission process.

"I couldn’t write about my experience without mentioning the amazing people I had the chance to work with. Both of the Supervisor’s legislative aides were not only helpful and constructive to my own experience, but also vastly knowledgeable about the city, its people, politics and policies, and, to top it off, fun and easy to work with. I found not only Supervisor Wiener, but all other public servants in City Hall, to be extremely hardworking and capable. Seeing how San Francisco’s Supervisors worked hard and were able to come together and talk, if not always agree, was both instructional and inspirational."