Reva Kale

NYC Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice
Judith Lê
History, Public Policy

Reva Kale is a third-year majoring in History with a minor in Public Policy. As the daughter of a teacher, Reva has always respected the work of educators and felt passionate about educational equity. One of her earliest involvements with local politics was when she gave a public comment in front of her town Board of Education in high school. During her time at Berkeley, she worked as an intern for Evolve CA, a local nonprofit dedicated to reforming CA Proposition 13 and fully funding California public schools. Reva enjoys working in grassroots organizing and has spent many hours on street corners and phone banks, educating her community on the need for Prop 13 reform. Reva is also interested in law, after witnessing family members interact with the criminal justice system and dissecting these experiences in legal studies courses at Berkeley.

Her experiences in grassroots organizing and nonprofit work have taught her the power of local government and how sound public policy reform can positively impact communities. She is interested in a career where she can influence how public policy is made — specifically how public policy related to criminal justice can be written to protect the rights of POC communities and ensure that racial and socioeconomic bias is kept out of our judicial system. This Summer she is pursuing an internship at the Mayor’s Department of Criminal Justice in New York City.