Susie Swatt

Member, National Advisory Council, IGS
Susie Swatt was Communications Director for the California Fair Political Practices Commission and has authored three highly acclaimed reports detailing the influence of money in the political process.  Her report, “Independent Expenditures: The Giant Gorilla in Campaign Finance,” was awarded a 2009 ProPublica Prize for Investigative Governance.
Before joining the FPPC, Ms. Swatt served for more than 30 years in the California Legislature.  She was Chief of Staff to the Senate and Assembly minority leaders; Special Consultant to the Senate Rules Committee; and was considered a leading expert on all election and political reform issues.  While serving in the Senate, she was appointed to membership on the Bipartisan Commission on Internet  Practices,  the McPherson Commission on the Political Reform Act, and Leadership California.  During her tenure in the Legislature, she played critical roles in numerous public policy achievements – including elevating the Newsman’s Shield Law to the California Constitution, creating the 12,000 acre Chino Hills State Park in Southern California, and requiring paper trails for electronic voting machines.
Ms. Swatt attended UC Berkeley for three years and graduated with honors in history from Sacramento State University.  She and her husband are active members in the California Alumni Association and Bear Backers.