Thad Kousser

Department Chair/Professor of Political Science
University of California, San Diego

Thad Kousser, who studies American state and national politics, government reform, direct democracy, interest group influence, and how politicians use social media, joined the department in 2013. He has authored, co-authored, or edited the books The Logic of American Politics, 8th Edition (CQ Press, forthcoming),The Power of American Governors (Cambridge University Press, 2012),  Politics in the American States, 10th Edition (CQ Press, 2012), The New Political Geography of California (Berkeley Public Policy Press, 2008), Term Limits and the Dismantling of State Legislative Professionalism (Cambridge University Press, 2005), and Adapting to Term Limits: Recent Experiences and New Directions (Public Policy Institute of California, 2004).  His work has also been published in journals such as the American Political Science Review, the Revue Francaise de Science Politique, the Journal of Politics, Political Analysis, Legislative Studies Quarterly, and State Politics and Policy Quarterly. He is a recipient of the UCSD Academic Senate's Distinguished Teaching Award, the Faculty Mentor of the Year Award, serves as co-editor of the journal Legislative Studies Quarterly, and has worked as a staff assistant in the California, New Mexico, and United States Senates. Kousser is also a kids soccer coach, an occasional water polo player, an awkward surfer, and an overly competitive triathlete.


Thad Kousser, University of California, San Diego, Speaker
With the imperfect storm of Citizens United, Super PACs, the Clinton Fundraising Machine, the Trump Fortune, and the Sheldon Adelsons of the world blowing money toward the presidential contenders at hurricane force, 2016 is almost certain to be the most expensive presidential campaign on record...