Center for the Study of Representation

The Center for the Study of Representation brings together faculty and students from a broad range of disciplines to facilitate learning about issues of representation broadly construed.

Through conferences, public keynotes speakers, workshops to hone research skills, and research fellowships for both undergraduate and graduate students, we hope to create a community of scholars who share knowledge and collaborate on projects relating to: citizens’ political participation, the representative nature of Congress, presidency and the bureaucracy, and the impact of public policies on our polity.

The Center offers three fellowships for undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at UC Berkeley: 

The Percy Grant and the Synar Fellowship are made possible by generous donations from Bill and Patrice Brandt.

Percy Research Grant

Percy Grant for Public Affairs Research: Six research grants of up to $500 each will be awarded each year to undergraduate students conducting research on an aspect of American politics. Learn more about the Percy Grant. 

Synar Research Fellowship

Mike Synar Graduate Research Fellowship: Each year we will award up to five fellowships of up to $3,000 each to distinguished graduate students writing their dissertations on an aspect of American politics. Learn more about the Synar Fellowship. 

John Gardner Fellowship

John Gardner Fellowship: The Fellowship selects six graduating seniors from Berkeley and Stanford each spring. Each Fellow receives a $27,500 stipend for ten months full-time work with a government or nonprofit agency. Learn more about the Gardner Fellowship. 

Contact Information

For more information about any of these programs, please contact the program director, Terri Bimes:

122 Moses Hall
csr [at]

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