Nancy Erbe
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Negotiation Alchemy is the result of the author's work with cross ethnic process around the world for over two decades. To date, Professor Erbe's clients, colleagues and students come from about eighty countries, including several war-torn nations. The book presents several case study examples of success using the tools...

Barry Keene, editor
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Unlike the sanitized version in civics texts, this book provides a savvy, sophisticated look at how laws are really made. It profiles colorful characters like Artie Samish and Jesse 'Big Daddy' Unruh, big money conflicts over horse racing and Indian casinos, and the clash of public and private interests over issues from...

Michel Laguerre
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In order to have ethnic minorities one must create a minoritized space, argues Laguerre. He provides a conceptual framework for the mechanisms that produce this minoritized space, the way it operates, and the technology of its reproduction, and explains how and why the spatial question is intrinsic to the minority...