John M. Quigley and Larry A. Rosenthal, editors
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Natural disasters are too often viewed as unpredictable and horrendous 'one-off' events. Edited by John Quigley and Larry Rosenthal, this useful collection of essays and research studies takes a systematic look at how private insurers, governments, and the larger economy respond to floods, earthquakes, wildfires, and...

Irving Schiffman
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In his authoritative, cutting-edge primer on the planning dilemmas faced by local governments, Schiffman proposes innovative techniques for dealing with land-use issues and offers sage advice on the politics of adopting land-use measures and fostering community acceptance. His techniques address environmental, social,...

Stephen E. Barton and Carol J. Silverman, editors
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More than 35 million Americans live under private governments with broad powers. As residents of condominiums, cooperatives, and planned communities, they are required to join associations with sweeping control over their daily lives. Here, for the first time, experts examine these private governments and describe the...