A Summer Not to Forget

We’re down to the last two weeks of the program, and it’s just now that I've come to realize how comfortable I've been feeling with the work I do.

On the Governor’s podium—with, my bodyguard, ahhemm (Cal in Sac Fellow Steven Zimmer). :) Maybe one of us will be up here for real someday

A few things have changed since I last posted. One of the interns in our office (not from our program) left two weeks ago, and we've been slowly entrusted with more work. That combination of events has kept Steven, the other Cal in Sacramento Fellow interning in the Governor's Press Office, and me a bit busier—which has been really good! From cross-checking appointments for accuracy, to working on random projects for the senior staff, I've learned how to handle my share of work. And it's a lot of work! It’s true that the Governor hardly rests and neither does his staff. Being around the senior staff in the Press Office has allowed me to learn just how important it is to be prudent, and have a quick mind.

For example, there was a day where something came up out of nowhere that had to be dealt with immediately. The swiftness with which the staff at the office got on it and simultaneously connected with the senior staff (who was still in an airplane that had just landed), and handled the situation left me first stunned and then impressed. Afterwards, the staff even took the time to explain to me what had just happened—step by step. That right there is awesome mentoring. Busy as they are at times, handling a phone call and writing an email and sending a press release, all at the same time, the staff in the office and within the Governor’s office in general, always take a few moments to include Steven and me. Because of that, I feel I’ve gained a deeper sense of connection between my work and the overall outcome of each task.

Perks: small celebrations for staff in the office are pretty awesome! Free desserts and coffee here and there really makes for a happy intern.

In the end, (oh, transitions…) I look forward to going to work—I literally sit outside of the Press Secretary’s office, and get to meet amazing people with completely different backgrounds, all within the span of ten feet. I feel grateful for this fellowship as it not only gives me access to great people within the Capitol, but it also connects me with all the Golden Bears (of different ages and at different stages of life) around that Capitol. I couldn't feel more proud to be an alumna from a school that is so well-represented in our State’s pulsating center.

Here’s to working for a better tomorrow, not just for us, but for those who need it most.