Cal in Sacramento: A Summer with Lieutenant Governor John Garamendi

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Posted by former Cal in Sacramento Fellow Alex Hirsch

During the summer of 2009, I had the privilege of interning for two months with the office of Lieutenant Governor John Garamendi. I was placed in the press office, which was very exciting because I had previously been involved with publishing the Undergraduate Political Science Association's monthly newsletter. Some of my responsibilities in the press office included drafting press releases and writing talking points for public speeches.

The summer of 2009 was a very interesting time to intern in the office because Lieutenant Governor Garamendi was busy campaigning in a special election for a newly-open congressional seat. Also, since many staffers were taking a leave of absence to help with the campaign, and the overall budget for staffers had been drastically cut in the spring after a public spat between Lieutenant Governor Garamendi and then-Governor Schwarzenegger, the interns in the office were given a great deal of responsibility and I was able to participate in several weekly staff meetings. My experience in the press office led to me taking a keen interest in political messaging and media strategy.

Alex Hirsch is currently a third-year law student at the UC Davis School of Law. Raised in the Sacramento area, he developed an early interest in California politics. Alex majored in political science at UC Berkeley, where he served as President of the Undergraduate Political Science Association and played trombone for four years in the Cal Band. After graduating from Berkeley in 2011, he went directly to law school. Alex is currently working at the Sacramento District Attorney's office and hopes to land a permanent position as a DA after he passes the bar exam.