Doing Exciting Work at the Little Hoover Commission

It has been a week and a half since I started working at the Little Hoover Commission, also known as the Milton Marks Commission. Since most of us (including me, before my research sparked an interest in working here) don’t know much about the Commission, I would like to inform you on it. The Commission is a balanced bipartisan board which is composed of five citizen members appointed by the Governor, four citizen members appointed by the Legislature, two Senators and two Assemblymembers. Under the direction of a subcommittee of Commissioners, staff conducts research by bringing key players together for discussions, contacting experts, reviewing academic literature and interviewing those most closely affected by the targeted topic. It’s a great office to work in. Staff respects and treats you as a full-time staff and not just a summer intern who is here for a few weeks. They value your time and energy. Currently, the Commission is working on a few different topics, including Climate Change Adaptation, Underground Economy, Energy Governance and Medi-Cal. For most of the summer I will be working on Underground Economy, while helping staff on other topics as well.

The staff at the Commission includes a past Cal in Sac fellow, Ciana Gallardo. It’s great to have a UC Berkeley alumni, a Golden Bear, in the office. She interned at the Little Hoover Commission in 2012. I had a few meetings last week on underground economy and I’m surprised and happy to see BRILLIANT people working for the public and with the one and only motive to help and prevent citizens who do not have a voice. I’m very excited for the rest of my time here.

Pedro Nava, Chairman of the Little Hoover Commission who was appointed by Speaker of the Assembly John Pérez in 2011, came into the office for a meeting and I was fortunate to be part of the meeting and spend some time with him before he had to fly back to LA. Pedro Nava served in the California Assembly from 2004 to 2010 representing the Ventura and Santa Barbara area. After work today (June 11th), it was time to celebrate Rodolfo's birthday with a few other Fellows. Rodolfo is our Cal in Sac Student Director, and also my roommate.

It has been a great start, and I’m very excited to learn more and absorb from others while in Sacramento.

Jasraj Sangha is a UC Berkeley senior studying economics and public policy. He is currently interning at the Little Hoover Commission in Sacramento.