For Me, the Capital is the Place to Be

A week and a half has passed thus far during my internship with Assemblymember Kansen Chu in the State Capitol, and I have already realized that I’m in the right field. Like many college students, I go back and forth a lot trying to find my calling, and before this internship, I had major doubts about whether politics was the right place for me. However, the Fellows in this program and all of those who I have met in the Capitol have changed my mind. I am naturally an introvert, which is what made me have doubts in the first place, because at times it seems like there is no place for introverts in the networking-heavy and debate-heavy political world. Being a part of Cal-in-Sac gave me an instant community that I had already known for six months before I came here, and experiencing our state’s capital with my fellow fellows, whether it is at Sacramento Pride or just eating a delicious free lunch in front of the Capitol makes it so much easier to overcome whatever I am nervous about.

At work, whether it’s dealing day in and day out with my member’s bills on issues that he and, now I, have become passionate about, such as decriminalizing the homeless, or watching intense committee meetings about contentious bills, such as SB 277, there is never a lapse in action at the Capitol. Even if I am just observing these actions for the time being, I know this is where I want to be because where else do you get to watch hours of CalChannel during work and have your co-workers be as into it as you are? I am excited to see what I will experience in the next six weeks both in and outside of the office!

Sophie Khan is a UC Berkeley junior studying political science and public policy. She is interning in the office of Assemblymember Kansen Chu as a Cal-in-Sacramento Fellow.