From Small Beginnings Come Great Things

It was a summer not to forget! I want to take this opportunity to thank the Matsui Center for sending Berkeley students to intern in public service in California’s capital as Cal-in- Sacramento fellows. This summer wouldn’t have been the same if I had not received support from the program!

I cannot thank the Little Hoover Commission enough for letting me be part of their team for the summer. They not only taught me about the work of the Commission, but allowed me to broaden my education by attending any other events happening in the area that interested me.

During my internship, I took the lead in monitoring legislation related to the Underground Economy. I identified relevant bills and kept staff apprised of their progress through the committee process. As staff identified potential attendees for Committee programs, I researched their backgrounds and areas of expertise, identifying how their specialties could specifically contribute to the meeting.

I was fortunate to help the project manager organize and to be part of an Advisory Meeting on the Underground Economy. The goal of the meeting was to bring leaders from the business community together to discuss possible paths to create a level playing field in California’s compliant businesses. It was great to be in a room where business leaders from various backgrounds and political views were debating an issue they all believed needs to be fixed.

Go Bears!

Jasraj Sangha is a UC Berkeley senior studying economics and public policy. He recently completed his internship at the Little Hoover Commission in Sacramento.