My amazing supervisors, Briana Mullen and Irene Garcia. Not only were they both Cal Alum but also previous fellows of the Cal-In-Sac program!
Accepting an internship position with the California Department of Education earlier this year, I anxiously looked forward to the summer state date, despite remaining not fully aware what my duties would consist of. Education remains a vital means to success in my life, it is something I prioritize...
Naweed Tahmas with Assemblywoman Melendez
Lobbyists crowd the halls, Senators rush to their meetings, aides navigate through legislation, and confused interns try to make sense of it all. The halls of every floor are packed with passionate community leaders and paid political mercenaries trying to push, or kill, legislation. There is never...
Lydia Wang on CRS balcony with state capitol building in background
Although my tote bag was thoroughly packed with everything from multi-colored pens to snack bars, and I’d read through the packet providing short biographies of every staff member so many times I’d practically had it memorized, I knew that I’d still feel nervous on my first day. While on the light...