At the Federal Courthouse with the law clerks after their first appearance in court!
Sacramento is an ideal location for a summer internship. Working at the Federal Public Defender’s Office provides me with the legal experience that I crave, but also with the political atmosphere that keeps things interesting. The Federal Public Defender’s office puts me in contact with a range of...
Cal-in-Sac Fellow Yvonne Dorantes with legislative staff
Yvonne Dorantes, Governor's Office of Emergency Services, Matsui Center Cal-in-Sacramento Fellows
The dome at the California Capitol building not only covers those inside from the three digit weather, a bright sun, and rain; the dome protects an entire world of politics and analytical thinking which functions to serve nearly 40 million people. Before I had the opportunity to live in Sacramento...
Allegra Saggese
Starting my first week off at the Capitol included: a navy blue blazer, a new pair of flats, the early train Downtown to make a good impression, and a purse filled with pens and paper. Through security and up the elevator to the sixth floor. I was about thirty minutes early and didn't want to wait...
Araceli Hernandez
If someone would have told me that in one week I would have attended four meetings, a historic permanent housing groundbreaking event where I sat behind prominent elected officials, and listened to the Los Angeles City Attorney speak, I would have laughed. However, instead of laughing, I was...
“Why do you want to work in government? It’s too bureaucratic, it’s inefficient, and you could be working somewhere else for more money.” This sentiment is not a new one. I have heard this from countless family members, friends, and even teachers/mentors. My biggest issue with that question and...
Away from the Capitol, it’s difficult to understand the necessity of such a plethora of bills. It seems as though California has an incredible amount of law and regulation. So why pass so much legislation each week? On Monday, June 29, I found the answer. Like almost every Monday afternoon, I...