Youstina Youssef, Marco Ramirez, and Marandah Field-Elliot

Welcome the 2018-19 UC Berkeley Class of Gardner Fellows: Youstina Youssef, Marco Ramirez, and Marandah Field-Elliot. They are interested in reproductive justice, LGBTQ+ advocacy, domestic health policy, international human rights, and refugee protection. Currently, the Fellows are seeking placement organizations where they will be placed for 10 months with a senior-level mentor. Most Gardner Fellows find placements in Washington DC or New York, but they can be placed in any non-profit organization or governmental agency of their choice, as long as it is based in the United States. Tune into the Gardner Fellowship adventures by checking out the IGS student blog, and please let Terri Bimes know if you have any good leads for possible placements for our Gardner Fellows (bimes [at]  

Photo: Youstina Youssef, Marco Ramirez, and Marandah Field-Elliot

Marandah Field-Elliot

Political Science & American Studies with a Focus on Gender in Law and Society
Center for Reproductive Rights
Santa Barbara, California
Marandah Field-Elliot spent her Berkeley years expanding and protecting the autonomy, rights, and justice those who been impacted by sexual violence and reproductive injustice. Her first year on campus, she became a member of the ASUC Sexual Violence Commission, working to change campus policy, execute demonstrations, and teach consent workshops for conferences, parties, and meetings....

Marco Ramirez

Public Health with minor in Public Policy
Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation
Modesto, California
Marco Ramirez, born and raised in the Central Valley, grew up idolizing Cesar Chavez and his mission to improve working conditions for farm workers. At UC Berkeley, Marco majored in Public Health and minored in Public Policy. His passion for public service stems from his desire to improve the lives of people around him—much like...

Youstina Youssef

Political Science with a minor in Global Poverty and Practice
International Refugee Assistance Project
Cairo, Egypt / Valencia, CA
Youstina is a proud member of the Coptic community, one of the oldest and most persecuted religious minorities in the Middle East. Her childhood experiences in Cairo, Egypt, and subsequent resettlement in the U.S. instilled in her a passion for human rights advocacy and legal justice. At UC Berkeley, she was a piloting member of...