Me with Supervisor Sheila Kuehl in the main office
Every Tuesday morning at 500 W. Temple Street, five actors convene on the dais for a final performance. I have come to view government work as a show. Not in a bad way, but a great way. I don't mean that people are makebelieving or pretending, in fact government workers are very aware of the real-...
Yvonne Dorantes, Governor's Office of Emergency Services, Matsui Center Cal-in-Sacramento Fellows
I had the opportunity to witness a child birth a few years ago; I realized how involved nurses are in the baby-delivering process, at times far more than the doctor. This was an eye opening experience because my whole life I had always thought that doctors delivered babies. This summer has also...
Deepika Dilip
Rewind to two years ago: Summer 2014. “So, what did you think about the Supreme Court ruling this morning?” I ask in my biochemistry discussion. I’ve spent the past hour raging to my friend, a recent poli-sci graduate, via text. Pin drop silence. People are confused: what was the ruling? I explain...
Paras Shah and UC Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas Dirks
Disability has always been my least favorite word in the English language. It’s the word that catches in my throat and forces my pen to pause mid-thought. I can easily apply this term of difference, of alienation, to others. As a human rights advocate, I routinely argue that someone has a right to...