Cal-in-Sac Fellows Courtney Sarkin, Kat Nham and Assemblymember Evan Low
Watching the rundown buildings move by through the grimy window of the light rail train, I take a deep breath. The caffeine from my morning coffee has just begun to whir through my veins and clear up any of the lingering fog from drowsiness that enveloped my brain. And as we rattle down the tracks...
Hector Rico
Para todxs lxs compas latinoamericanxs, Room 317. Maximum occupancy: anywhere between 30 and 50 people. Doors open. High heels click-clack as they walk in. Blazers and ties swing by. Legislative aids brush into the room and lobbyists shake each other’s hands. Interns walk towards the leather-padded...
Young Senators at west steps with Senator Mendoza
In today’s public schools, it is easy to see how much importance has been placed in improving student academic achievement. A lesser focus has been placed on civic education and preparing our youth for democratic participation and citizenship. More youth today, than those in earlier generations,...
I'm looking out the window at the glassy grey-blue expanse and am surprised when my heart catches in my throat. It’s a visceral reaction, and my chest clenches up with pangs of sad-gladness to see this familiar sight once again. It’s Friday evening, and I'm on a train home to the Bay Area after...
At the Federal Courthouse with the law clerks after their first appearance in court!
Sacramento is an ideal location for a summer internship. Working at the Federal Public Defender’s Office provides me with the legal experience that I crave, but also with the political atmosphere that keeps things interesting. The Federal Public Defender’s office puts me in contact with a range of...
Cal-in-Sac Fellow Yvonne Dorantes with legislative staff
Yvonne Dorantes, Governor's Office of Emergency Services, Matsui Center Cal-in-Sacramento Fellows
The dome at the California Capitol building not only covers those inside from the three digit weather, a bright sun, and rain; the dome protects an entire world of politics and analytical thinking which functions to serve nearly 40 million people. Before I had the opportunity to live in Sacramento...