Percy Undergraduate Grant Recipients

Emily Ma

2022 Percy Undergraduate Grant Recipient

Emily is a first-generation Chinese-American college student and a community college transfer. For the last six years, she has avidly volunteered for social and criminal justice centers, nonprofit organizations, homeless shelters, and mental health institutes throughout California. For personal reasons, she fiercely advocates for children, women, low-income families, and those with mental health conditions. She was a fellow in the Bridges Multi-Cultural Resource Center and now serves in the office of Sexual Violence and Sexual Harrassment Prevention within the ASUC Senate. Additionally,...

Anjika Pai

2022 Percy Undergraduate Grant Recipient
Class of 2022
Anjika Pai is a senior majoring in Environmental Sciences and minoring in Music. Throughout her time at Berkeley, she has developed experience in policy and communications with a strong focus on environmental justice. At Cal, Pai enjoys attending concerts at Hertz Hall and writing for Caravan Magazine.

Anjika's Research: The ongoing political and legal struggles of Indigenous peoples are connected to issues of land and their degree of connection to it. Neo-colonial environmental laws fail to value Indigenous views of nature and, at times, ignore the presence of humans in the environment...

Percy Grantee Nabeela Syed Makes History as Youngest Illinois Congressperson

November 10, 2022

We're proud to share that one of our 2021 Percy Grant fellows, 23 year-old Muslim, Indian-American, Nabeela Syed, has just made history as the youngest member of Illinois General Assemby. To read more about her election, click here:

William Brandt, Jr. and Patrice Bugelas-Brandt

Bill Brandt has been in the business of workout, turnaround and insolvency consulting for more than thirty years and is widely recognized as one of the foremost practitioners in the field. He is President and CEO of Development Specialists, Inc. ("DSI"), a firm specializing in the provision of management, consulting and turnaround assistance to troubled or reorganizing enterprises. Mr. Brandt and his firm continue to be involved with some of the more celebrated financial restructuring cases in the nation's history, including Mercury Finance Company, Southeast Banking Corporation, Malden...