George Miller with students
Rep. George Miller

The Robert T. Matsui Center for Politics & Public Service engages Cal students in public life through internships, public events, and the presence of distinguished campus visitors. In this way, the Center serves as a fitting legacy to Congressman Robert T. Matsui and his belief that public service is a noble profession that should be open to all, a commitment that made him one of California's most important and respected political figures for more than three decades. The Center is strictly nonpartisan.

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Matsui Center Director, Dr. Christine Trost, 510.642.4465, ctrost [at]

Matsui Center Program Manager, Sonia Moctezuma, 510.642.0922, soniamoctezuma [at]

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Matsui Center Core Programs

Cal-in-Sacramento Fellowships

Each year approximately 35 students are admitted to this eight-week intensive program. Cal-in-Sacramento Fellows take a spring semester course that prepares them for full-time public service internships in the state capital, and personalized placement assistance that tailors their prospective internship to meet each student’s interests. During the summer, Fellows complete internships in the state Legislature, the offices of statewide elected officials, state agencies, nonprofit organizations, advocacy groups, or any other organization reasonably related to public service. Fellows receive free housing for the summer and a free light rail pass, ensuring that the program is open to all students, regardless of financial background. Read more here.

Matsui Washington Fellowships

Washington Fellows receive a stipend to help defray the costs of participating in the University’s Washington Program, which allows students to complete a full semester of study in Washington, D.C. While in Washington, students take classes at the UC Washington Center, and complete a public service internship in the nation’s capital. Matsui Fellows may participate in additional programming, including meeting Congresswoman Doris Matsui. The provision of a stipend to Matsui Fellows is designed to ensure that the program is open to all students. Read more here.

Matsui Local Government Fellowships

Matsui Local Government Fellows complete summer internships in local governments around the state. Each year approximately four students are selected to participate in the program, and receive personalized placement assistance in finding an internship suitable to their interests and geographic location. Each Fellow receives a stipend to help defray the cost of completing an internship, ensuring the program’s availability to all students. Read more here.

The Matsui Lectureship

Each year the Matsui Lectureship brings to campus distinguished former Members of Congress for brief residencies at Berkeley, usually extending from a few days to a week. The Lecturer delivers the Matsui Lectureship, a major public address on a topic of the Lecturer’s choosing, and also engages in other activities such as lecturing to classes, meeting with students, and participating in the intellectual life of the campus. Read more here.

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