Awards & Grants

2023 Percy and Synar Awardees stand outside of Philosophy Hall

The 2023 Percy-Synar Awardees with our co-Directors, and John and Gabrielle Brandt, children of our generous donors Bill Brandt and Patrice Bugelas-Brandt. 

From Left: Cristina Mora, John Brandt, Aaron Perry Hill, Monica Gao, Sanjana Manjeshwar, Eva Michela Polovina, Isaac Dalke, Christian Hosam, Gabrielle Brandt, Terri Bimes, Eric Schickler

Not pictured: Bonnie Cherry ('23 Synar Awardee) 

The Institute offers a wide variety of annual awards and grants designed to recognize student achievement and to foster ongoing student research at the highest levels. These programs provide both graduate and undergraduate students with recognition and resources as they pursue groundbreaking research. In addition to recognizing past student achievement, these programs provide students with critical resources, allowing them to acquire data or software, travel to archives around the country, or engage in other research activities.

The David M. Howard Memorial Prize in American Politics recognizes an exceptionally deserving graduate student conducting research in the field of American political behavior or public policy.

The William K. (Sandy) Muir, Jr. Leadership Award recognizes exemplary undergraduate students with a demonstrated commitment to public service.

The Charles H. Percy Undergraduate Grant for Public Affairs Research is awarded to Berkeley undergraduates engaged in research on an aspect of American politics.

The Mike Synar Graduate Research Fellowship is awarded to Berkeley graduate students who are writing dissertations on an aspect of American politics.

In 2018, the Underhill Fellowship moved to its new home at the UC Berkeley Law School. Please visit the new page: R. Kirk Underhill Graduate Fellowship.