Mike Synar
Mike Synar

The Institute of Governmental Studies will award three Synar Graduate Research Fellowships of $3,000 each. The Mike Synar Graduate Research Fellowship is awarded to distinguished UC Berkeley graduate students who are writing their dissertations on an aspect of American politics, including comparative research across nations with the United States as a major case. 

To be eligible, graduate students must have advanced to candidacy. All award recipients will be invited to the award ceremony during the spring semester.

This grant is generously supported by Bill and Patrice Brandt.


Apply for the Synar Fellowship

We are no longer accepting applications for the 2020 Mike Synar Graduate Research Fellowship. Please check back in the fall for 2021 application information.

Have questions about the program? Contact the Matsui Center program assistant, Sonia Moctezuma, at soniamoctezuma [at] berkeley.edu or 510-642-0922.

Meet the Synar Fellows

Congratuations to last year's Synar Fellows! Learn more about their specializations and dissertation topics. 

Learn About Michael Synar

Michael Synar was an 8-term Congressman from Oklahoma. During his time in the House, Synar championed many causes, including tobacco restrictions, waiting-periods on gun sales, and opposition to the Gramm-Rudman plan. Read a profile of Mike Synar or watch the video, "Mike Synar: A Life, 1950-1996."