The D.C. Lifestyle

March 5, 2018

I feel like being in this program is a life changer. In just 2 months, I've already adapted to this so-called DC lifestyle. I wake up at exactly 8 in the morning now even during my days off (without setting an alarm), sipping black coffee while I walk to work and checking twitter and news sources like my life depends on it. 

I'm starting to like things about D.C. though, from the reliable metro system,to the free admission museums. The think tanks here are cool too, they host great forums that are mostly free and you get to meet really interesting people. And then on the weekends you can just hop on a train or bus to other east coast states (my partner and I have done this and must admit that the 4 hour bus ride to New York IS worth). I'm also loving my internship site right now, I started working at this site with no expectations, I thought all I'd do is filing paperworks and picking up phone calls. Yet, here I am writing policy updates upon policy updates, attending hearings almost every week, and attending conferences/close briefings with amazing policy analysts! 

There's only 2 months left to this program, and yet there's still museums that I've yet to see, and forums to attend! D.C. is great, and these next 2 months will be too.