Getting Out of My Comfort Zone

January 31, 2018

The move to D.C was not as smooth as I expected it to be. I’m used to driving 2 hours from the Bay if I’d want to see snow not like here, where I don’t even have to step outside the Washington Center to see a bed of snow. Every time I go grocery shopping, I immediately start to think about Berkeleybowl, I miss having that wide range selection of cheap AND fresh fruits/veggies. 

But even though the transition to D.C wasn’t as smooth as I’d want it to be, if I went back in time, I’d still apply to UCDC, I’d still hop on that plane and walk through snow because in just a span of a month, D.C was able to give me a life experience that I would have never gotten if I stayed in the Bay. From the new skills that I’m learning at my internship site, the connections that I’m making in the city, to my own personal growth, I am blessed because I know these opportunities aren’t easily attainable if I decided to stay home. Right now, even though I won’t get fresh produce or good dimsum for the next 3 months, I am hopeful, and really excited to see what will happen next.